Friday, June 11, 2004

No Sleep for Me

My son graduates from Kindergarten today. I left everything for the last minute like I normaly do. I know what your thinking, I'm a procrastinator.....nope thats not it at all. I just happen to work well under pressure ;) yeah thats it! I washed his suit, ironed his gown, made the cheese and cracker tray for the gathering after, and now it's a little after 4am and I should probably lay down but I know if I do I'll have a hard time waking up and I don't want him to be late to his graduation. So now I'm sitting here wondering what I should do for 2 hours. The ceremony starts promptly at 9am, and thats not Puerto Rican time either....HAHAHA!! You'll be happy to know I have already picked out my outfit. Thats a first. I'll probably change my mind about it in the next few minutes but thats ok I at least have an idea. Oh, and I even remembered to charge the camcorder battery. I'm so proud of myself today. I could go play a game or even better yet do a few of those quizzes Rae loves :).


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