Monday, June 14, 2004

Where did the weekend go

Today I did absolutely nothing. I slept most of the day away just like most of yesterday. I really wanted to be productive but that went out the window cause I woke up still sore and tired. This week is that last week of school for the kids, that means if you don't hear from me I ran away ;). Sometimes I wonder how my grandmother stayed sane raising 14 kids. Thats right, no typo there. I have about 65 first least you know I wasn't lonely growing up.

The weekends always go by so quickly, I wish there was a pause feature. We'd be stuck on saturday almost indefnitely. I can't wait til the neighborhood pool opens next week. In the summer I like to go do laps, it's the only part of summer I do like and pretty much the only alone time I get. It truly is the only exercise I don't mind :P. I love the water, it has a way of calming me and making everything sort of dissapear into the ripples....and I so wish I could do that right now.


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