Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nuestra Cancion

Que me recuerdes
Con la cancion que nos hacía callar
Que nos decía
De que algún día la despedida tenía que llegar
No, no es un capricho
Tan solo es algo
Que te quiero yo pedir
Hoy para siempre y para que te acuerdes de mi

Estoy muy triste
Pues hoy
Que tu te fuiste
Se oyó nuestra canción
Para que nunca la olvidaramos los dos

Ya no podemos seguir, lo siento
No pude hacerte yo feliz, me voy
Pero me llevo yo de tí
El amor que por tí yo sentí
Busca en tus sueños y no pienses mas en mí

No pienses mas en mí


Blogger moon said...

OK, I need a translation lol

5:11 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Alright Monette, I did your translation but keep in mind that it sounds a lot better in spanish.

It's always difficult to translate songs because they don't flow as easily in a language that it isn't written in. I tweaked it as much as possible to make it sound kinda decent. Here goes:

I want for you to remember me
with our song, even though it has ended.
They told us that someday we would have say goodbye

No, it's not a whim
I want to ask you to
always remember me.

I'm very sad because you left today and I heard our song.
I will never forget about us.

We can't go on.
I'm sorry I couldn't make you happy.
I'm leaving, but I will take with me the love I felt for you.
Find your dreams and don't think of me anymore

Don't think about me anymore

1:57 PM  
Blogger moon said...

awe..thats touching..thanks for doing that for me Anna...x0x0x

4:49 PM  

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