Thursday, August 31, 2006

There will be no white flag above my door

Where did this month go, my goodness it flew by. We didn't get much accomplished this summer and the end just sort of snuck up on us.

The kids will be back in school next tuesday. I've bought all the school supplies, at least the stuff that they usually need, any lists the teachers send home the first week I'll have to get later. I haven't bought school clothes yet. I'm such a procrastinator (I just really don't like shopping).

John went back to work yesterday, I already kinda missed him being here during the day, maybe that's cause the kids are still here ;). Time for us to get back into a normal routine which means we all need to sleep at a decent hour. Not that we ever really did anyway but we should.

Next weekend is my cousin's wedding, I'm so looking forward to seeing all of them again. I think the wedding has the Roaring 20's as the theme so this should be cool. My mom and I have to go shopping and find something to wear.

My dogs, well...long story short, Kyra and Basha had another bad fight and this time Basha got hurt so we have to find her a new home. We have them seperated right now because they are still growling at eachother. It was very scary for all of us, I was shaken up pretty bad as were the kids. Whoever told me to throw cold water on them, it didn't work! I had two soaked dogs and a wet porch floor.


Blogger moon said...

To bad about the dogs. Odd that they don't like eachother now, since they have lived together peacefully before.. cept for one other time u told me about, I wonder what prompted their behavior.
The wedding sounds like it should be a lot of fun. U better take lots of pics.

1:45 PM  

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