Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let them eat cake....

John bought me a bread maker as a belated Valentine's day gift. I have been wanting one the last few weeks...with my herbs starting to grow I thought it would be nice to make fresh bread and use some of those wonderful smelling herbs that will be growing like weeds soon (one can be hopeful).

It's a very nice machine let me tell you, simple to use, touch screen with recipes already programmed in and it does absolutely everything for you....kneads the dough, allows it to rise and bakes it. All I have to do is turn it on, select the bread type and measure in the ingredients.

I wasn't expecting the first loaf to be as yummy as it was, we ate it with some home made bruschetta.....the whole loaf! I have to tell you guys how shocked I was to wake up on Saturday to find another loaf already made, who would have thought that John would like this thing almost as much as I do :P. Needless to say we've been making bread all weekend.

Next kitchen gadget I want is a pasta maker!


Anonymous Parkay said...

Let them eat cake?? Don't u mean, "We r po folk, we need mo bread"? Now we just need like 10 more of these machines and have a stand on the corner. 2.5 hours from start to finish... takes forever, but I think Chris (and Monette) would say "oh jess, wee wee, dis ess good bread" :)

12:29 AM  

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