Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ta Daa

The tree's up...it looks pretty good. I need to buy a new star for the top and a few more ornaments, my mom bought some garland for it so we'll add to this.

I made the cookies, they turned out awful so I ended up making a cake which turned out yummy. I know..I know, how can I mess up Duncan Hines ;) I get so frustrated with baking, I'm an awesome cook *smiles* and modest too, I just don't understand why nothing ever turns out like the pictures. So for christmas when I try to make those Nanaimo bars I don't care what they end up looking like I'm gonna eat em' :p.

I haven't started christmas shopping yet *glares at Deli* (yeah, that's right I didn't forget you were done!) Gotta love movie passes and restaurant gift certificates, they save me every year ;). All I really have to worry about is getting the kids gifts from Santa and everything else I'll worry about later....much later *snickers*.


Blogger Rae said...

The tree looks beautious Anna... you guys did a great job... I haven't done my shopping yet either *joins in the glaring at Deli*
The adults might just get tins that have cookies in them... the kids... well I've already bitched about that...

I'm looking for recipies of cookies I have never really heard of before...

I'll let ya know how the baking goes ;)

6:02 AM  
Blogger bwochinski said...

Nice lookin tree Anna :)

Don't worry about the cookie problems, I wouldn't even try making cookies myself from anything other than the Pilsbury canisters of "slice-and-bake" cookie dough.

I like the post-christmas gift giving idea. Must be a lot cheaper and more stress-free. Not that I have to really worry about any gifts for anyone but my g/f :)

6:16 PM  

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