Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another Day in Paradise

I got to see the kids on cam and talk to them yesterday. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Even though I sounded like a chipmunk and it was extremely delayed the kids were happy to hear my voice (they are on dial up). My princess is growing up. She celebrated her 6th birthday over there and it looks like it was a wonderful party. I will post pics.

Jonathan accidentally killed a dove, he tried to give it a bath and drowned it. He now understands what death is. He is very sad that he killed the bird and that he can't bring him back to life. This was not the first heartbreak there, Roselena broke her baby chick's leg by mishandling it. She too felt very bad she hurt the chick. They have moved on to kittens and dogs, tougher more durable pets :P.

When I asked if they had buried the bird John said "Why waste a perfectly good bird?" so in the spirit of waste not want not, they cooked the bird and ate it. *shakes head* John says the kids now understand the hierarchy of the food chain. Roselena obviously had no problem enjoying the roasted pig she watched them slaughter for her birthday celebration.

Roselena has made a good friend and has decided that when she comes home she would like her to come with. Let's see if she can fit her into her carry on ;).

Joshua is going on his first date this friday. He met a very nice girl in summer school, or at least she sounds like she is. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet. They won't be attending the same high school but she doesn't live so far away that they can't see eachother. I'm already looking at the future and they haven't even gone on their first date yet. LOL


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