Tuesday, July 19, 2005

From around the world

It's been three weeks since the kids left for Philippines and although they are having a great time and I'm enjoying the peacefulness the quiet brings...I miss the noise at the same time.

Josh is doing really well in summer school. He and I are spending more time together and that's been fun. I've also had time to do things that I don't normally get to. I read The Da Vinci Code, it's a very good book. Next on the list is Angels and Demons and then Digital Fortress. I want to get in as much reading as I can before the kids get back :p. We've been spending a lot of time with the family, mostly renting movies, doing puzzles and just relaxing. Let's see if I can get all the laundry done before they get back. LOL

The dogs are enjoying the quiet as well. No kids around to torment them on a daily basis ;). I think Kyra appreciates that even more than Basha because Jonathan likes to bother her more but I think they really miss the kids almost as much as I do.

I got to talk to the kids on Sunday, it made my day. Josh says he is enjoying the silence and doesn't miss his brother and sister but he was happy to see Rosie on cam. John has sent me pictures of the kids having fun at the beach and I've seen them on cam a few times. It doesn't make me worry any less but I feel better when I get to see them smile.

Jonathan and Rosie aren't afraid of bugs and lizards anymore...they want to keep everything they catch as pets. They are also learning a few of life's hardest lessons there. Everyone is very poor and even though they are too young to fully comprehend what that means they do realize they are blessed and are learning humility. They share their toys with the other kids and even give their own money away. They are learning to appreciate family and John says that they are treating eachother better and aren't as self-centered. They will be gone another month, seems like an eternity to me but this is a good experience for them and for me.


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