Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A really odd dream

Funny thing is I remember the whole thing....

It starts out with me at my friend Amber's house sitting around the table with her family and everyone is just finishing up eating dinner. All of a sudden I'm sitting in the center of the table holding a knife and a jicama...explaining to them how good it is and what it tastes like. As I'm peeling and slicing it I end up eating most of it except for a part that looks like it went bad, the bad part tasted like red wine vinegar says Amber's sister and father who both are now really pissed at me for eating the whole thing. So Amber and I leave to go to the store around the corner to buy some more jicama.

When we get to the store we pick out three very large ones, bigger than I've ever seen them before (like 3 or 4 times bigger) they're in clear plastic produce bags with the price sticker on them. Amber wanders off to look at other stuff and I go by the meat and pick out a small package of ground beef. We meet at the cashier and pay for our things. We walk back to her place and we sit at the table and I peel and slice one of the huge jicamas and put it on a plate and everyone eats it all up. Then I look at the price sticker on the empty produce bag and I say..OMG Amber did you really pay $22.36 for this one jicama and then I look at the other two still in the bags and they're both priced about the same. She turns to me and say no, you paid for them and I say no I didn't, the only thing I paid for was the meat. So now we're looking at eachother going..oh shit we stole the jicamas.

So I grab one of the jicamas and we set off to return to pay for them. When we get there..I walk up to the girl at the register and for some reason the words won't come out..and then without even thinking about it I say "can we exchange this because it's too soft" the girl says no you can't so I walk back over to the meat section and pick out another pack of meat and pay for it and leave (where was Amber during this whole time I don't know) but we get back to her house again and when I take the meat out of the bag it looks really weird, not at all like the first package I bought, I cut it open and the piece of meat looked like a small animal (just the body) but the fat on the meat formed kind of a tail.

What on earth could this dream possibly mean?


Blogger Rae said...

You miss eating Beef... Your friend Amber is really a thief... you like to be the centre of attention... (which can be shown by you sitting on the table) ... you have weird taste in food... when you're hungry you'll pay anything for food... and for some reason when faced with the opportunity to make it right... you made an excuse... lmao

I have no idea... that was one gross and weird dream... LOL
like I said in our pm at least I had sex in mine LMAO

1:43 PM  
Blogger moon said...

It's official...I have not 1 but 2...fucked up friends!!!...
But I think rae's initial interpretation is right on the money lol..but then again, she is the other banana fruitloop I know and love hehe....
Oh and..wtf is a jicamas?!?!

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You told me a Jicma is a root... and since root can be a phalic symbol maybe this means that you really like your root and it doesn't matter if you pay for it or just take it. Since a whole family was watching you eat this root on their table... I think you have exhibitionist issues.

5:09 AM  
Blogger John said...

How come she isn't eating at her own family's table?

Yes Rae, she might miss eating beef...maybe it's not what she really wants or thought what she had. You have corned, jerky, ground, chopped, sliced... :^P

Then there's pork (like the commercials say) "the other beef" :-\

7:10 PM  

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