Monday, October 30, 2006


I lie in my bed, unable to sleep
distracted by reminders of you.
Your glass of water sits near the clock,
reflecting green numbers in the darkness.
The sound of your voice fills my mind,
sweet and seductive, the texture of feathers;
You speak my name and I cannot ignore.
Your scent on my pillow surrounds me as I toss,
drives me mad with desire.
Filling the blackness of my room,
images of you floating in the night.
You- Nestled next to me;
You- Legs wrapped around me
breathing silently into my chest in your sleep.
The feel of your pulse returns to me.
A faint memory on my fingertips.
Your eyelids fluttering beneath my lips.
The familiar touch of your hands at my sides.
Brutal, sweet torture.
If I must endure this each night,
I pray that I never sleep again.


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