Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is your Mama a llama?

My children attend a very unique magnet school here in Chicago, second through fifth grade they learn about a different civilization each year aside from the regular yearly projects for their curriculum.

Last year they studied the Tainos, I mentioned that to you guys before and how wonderful it was for the kids to visit a real Taino ceremonial center when we were in Puerto Rico last summer.

This year is the Incas and this is another one I'd love to be able to take the kids to go see for themselves, visiting Machu Picchu would be an amazing experience. Not sure when we'd be able to do that but it sure is on the list!

My Inca Warrior!

My little Inca princess showing us some of the things the Inca's liked to eat....look at that yummy papaya!
When the children have completed their course on the civilization they've studied they always do a wonderful presentation for the parents and students from other grades. There is also an Inca Market to raise money to buy llamas for needy families in Peru, last year they raised enough money to buy 3 llamas this year they hope to be able to raise enough for 5 through Heifer International. The kids always feel so accomplished when they're all done and are so excited about the market and raising money. I made fudge truffles for them to sell, they weren't perfectly round but they tasted darn good.
I look forward to the Mayans next year and the Aztecs the following year.


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