Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Home Again

After a very pleasant week in Canada with my friends I'm home again. I wish I could've stayed but I was missing the rugrats and I think Monette and Chris had their fill of us ;).  We did an equal amount of sight seeing and relaxing which worked out really well for us all I think. Quebec City was amazing and Montreal was also very beautiful. It's a trip I know I'll never forget. Niagra Falls was breathtaking and most of you know I love waterfalls, I could have stayed there indefinately.

Meeting everyone and spending a whole week with them was an experience that I'll never forget.  Now that I have met my beautiful friends I want to see them as often as I possibly can. Nope...you'll never get rid of me now. There are still a few more special people I'd like to meet so I'm hoping my future trips will include them.

I tried to kidnap Monette's doggie but Chris double knotted the rope, DARN and my other attempt was unsuccesful as well.....I tried to get Rae to jump into the back seat while Ry was asleep :). Poor Patrick he was hoping that I'd get her all the way back to Chicago.

I met Sue (Ladybird) briefly while I was at Rae's, she is a doll and Jenn (Krammit) who is absolutely adorable. Maybe next time I'll get to spend some more time with them both. In Montreal we met up with Gar too. He was able to spend a whole day with us and then again for dinner with us on friday evening.  

I'm gonna post some pics later so keep an eye out.





Anonymous Anonymous said...

And boy am I glad to have everyone back. It's been hell without yall. I'm glad you made it back home in one piece and more or less sane. *hugs*

1:02 AM  
Blogger JustSue said...

It was wonderful meeting everyone, just a shame we all couldn't have had more time to visit. Next time for sure! Funny how I managed to avoid meeting Rae each time we came back to the house. That takes some pretty heavy duty planning and execution lemme tell ya ;)

6:34 AM  

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