Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It's Here

The first day of summer vacation, oh how I wish school went year round. I couldn't even chat in peace ;), I don't know how many times I had to stop the little ones from beating the holy living hell out of one another. At least Joshua has been hanging out with his friends, going to the pool and not coming home until it's time for bed. When he's here he just aggravates the little ones just cause he can. I'm grateful that the friends he has are good kids and that we live is a safe neighborhood. These are the years I wasn't looking forward to. The rebellion, yeah I know...we all go through it but somehow every parent hopes it skips their kid.

The time I spent in chat today, although it was interrupted by the repeated "I hate having a brother" and "your ugly Rosie" was quite enjoyable. I've come to recognize the people who make a daily impact in my life and although most of them are far away in physical distance they are close to my heart.

On an aside, one of my conversations this evening had me thinking about things I've tried to forget. I've found that in some situations the best thing to do is not ask the whys and the hows and just let it go. Go where you ask...the dark place. The place you know your too afraid to go back into to try to find what you sent there.


Blogger Rae said...

ooooo the dark place... *looks around nervously* yer not supposed to speak of the dark place... *puts finger to lip* shhhh....

10:04 PM  

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