Sunday, December 18, 2005

Vinegar and bras

The kids went to a dog show today. John's cousin's dog was in the show. His name is Benedict but Rosie forgets his name and calls him Vinegar (it's so cute).

On friday I went shopping with my mom and the kids, Rosie saw bras in her size, can you believe they make bras for little girls...anyway, she really wanted them, she begged so I gave in and bought her a white, pink and a blue one. She wanted to put it on as soon as she got home so I let her. John gave me a look and said "what are you trying to do, make her grow up faster?". My reply was..."Am I the one who made them in size 8-10?" She was so happy with the bra she walked around the house all night in it and at one point took off her shirt and walked around in just the bra. I explained to her that it was made to go underneath her blouse. That didn't make much of a difference cause the blouse came back off about 20 minutes later. I'll just wait til the novelty wears off. She did ask to wear it to school on Monday *shakes head* I can just imagine the note I'm gonna get from her teacher "Dear Ms. Aiello, your daughter was prancing around the room in her pretty pink bra today......."

Have a good weekend all.


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