Thursday, February 02, 2006

On the Homefront

Report card day was yesterday, all three kids did well. Josh has a 3.0GPA, Jonathan is showing good progress and Roselena is just a lil smarty. Jonathan is being tested for some extra help, I'm meeting with the school next week.

John's mom is doing excellent, we have a home health nurse come twice a week. The nurse has been great with getting the things that she needs which is very helpful to us. She is eating well and feeling better.

I'm taking a break from working on a cover letter. I'm applying for a part time position (2 days a week) at a real estate office. Business has been slow for me so this is a great way for me to network and get out of the house at the same time. Besides, I've seriously considered taking up real estate before so this is a good way to get my feet wet and check out the water.

Other than that, all is pretty quiet...knock on wood.


Blogger moon said...

Anna that is awesome on all fronts...and the job idea is terrific, I think it will do u so much good to get out, see new ppl...and 2 days a week is perfect...really great idea and hey the extra cents won't hurt either lol....good luck..

12:14 PM  
Anonymous John said...

I have every confidence in your abilities, as long as it's something you want and willing to work towards. I too think a daily change of scenery will be good for you. {crossing fingers and toes}

12:16 AM  
Blogger Rae said...

I would have to agree with the two awesome people before me...

I think this will be great.. and they would be absolutely silly not to have you in their office 2 days a week...

it'll be the brightest days of the week for them ;)

*crossing Johns fingers and toes*

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful. Congratulations on your children's success. May you succeed in your recent endeavor into the Real Estate field. This is the break you have been waiting for.

And you wanted to dance, so I asked you to dance, but fear is in your soul. Some people call it a one night stand, but we can call it paradise.

2:52 PM  

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