Monday, April 17, 2006

Back home again

We had a pretty good time on vacation. A few fun days...

Our first stop was in Nashville to see John's godbrother and family, it was a pleasant afternoon with them. They have the cutest pet rabbit which the kids totally loved. We had lunch and then the kids had a great time playing soccer and actually learning how to use a real bow and arrow. Rosie even got to help pull weeds from the garden.

When we arrived in Gainesville we had breakfast and spent a little time with my cousins. Got the tour of their new home, they have a cool indoor porch swing they made from a broken chair (one of those big round ones) my cousins are creative like that. Well the kids would sit in it and twist it aound and let it spin until they got dizzy. As we were sitting in the porch a duck walked up to the door and the kids started to feed it and it stayed around for some time. We had a really nice time while we were there.

We drove to the property in Palm Coast, it was absolutely gorgeous. I loved it immediately. We walked around the neighborhood and even talked to one of the neighbors. We all felt like it was the place we wanted to be so if all goes well that's where we'll be building our new home. The kids approve wholeheartedly.

We spent three days in Orlando, the first day we took the kids to Universal Islands of Adventures. John enjoyed the theme park with the kids as I spent the day with my mom and his mom and aunt at Universal's CityWalk shops and even took in a movie. V for Vendetta was pretty good by the way.

The next day we took it easy and hang out at the pool and then drove to Port Charlotte to see the second property. It too was beautiful, by the water (I love water!) but as we drove it was visibly an area more prone to hurricanes, there were several there last season we were told. The Palm Coast property is alot less likely for that.

The whole next day was spent at Seaworld. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The shows were spectacular, we even got to see Shamu practice for the upcoming Believe Show, what we saw was awesome.

We had planned to spend thursday just hanging around and then having dinner with my other cousin who lives in Orlando but ended up leaving for home a day early which threw off every other plan I had. I didn't get to see Jenn :( which I was totally disappointed about and then when I thought I could go see Amanda we ended up staying in Tennessee and going to Ruby Falls which was an amazing experience. We walked a mile underground through caverns to get to an amazing underground waterfall.

We made it home friday night and were all exhausted and extremely happy about being able to sleep in our own beds.


Blogger moon said...

Sounds like you all had a great time, and even survived traveling all 11 in a van...without killing yourselves!!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Gene said...

I am glad that you all had a great time.

10:31 AM  

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