Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feel no pain

Yesterday, I went for a follow up appointment to see my primary care doctor after my ER visit on Sunday. I have an outer ear infection, a pretty bad one but it's getting better fast. Took for my face to almost explode for me to go but then again it's me we're talking about. I'm on antibiotics and they're keeping a good eye on me just to make sure the infection didn't spread to the bone so I'll be going to another follow up on Friday and then maybe one more next week.

John and I went out on a date Monday, everyone had the day off for President's day so we took advantage of it. My mom was nice enough to come over and watch the kids while we went out for Korean BBQ and then to the movies to watch The Bridge to Terabithia. We enjoyed the movie, was a nice story. It's something I know the kids will definitely enjoy unlike Pan's Labyrinth which we all went to see the week before.

I absolutely loved Pan's Labyrinth but it is an adult movie so the kids complained the whole way out of the theatre and to the car. There were a few scenes where John and I covered the kids faces and Rosie, of course it'd be her to make a comment says "well if you didn't want me to see it then why did you bring me here?" *Rolls eyes* yep, definitely my child. It didn't help at all that there were subtitles, that's the worst part for kids. I was expecting it to be in French because a friend of mine saw it the week before and she said it was in French (she lives in Canada that may be why). I don't like subtitles myself so the I was happy it played in Spanish.

Josh is doing extremely well with his drum lessons, his teacher actually has him looking for a band already. The last lesson he really impressed his teacher, he had given him two music sheets to practice two lines from each, he showed him on the drums only those two lines. Josh did all ten without instruction on those other 8 lines and not even knowing how to read sheet music he figured them all out on his own and he played it very well. His teacher had him step out of the room to tell me that what Josh did was very difficult and he feels that Josh has something special. I know how we all like to hear how wonderful our kids are but I try really hard to always be objective and also keeping in mind that it is the teacher's desire to keep him coming back for lessons ;) but I can see for myself that Josh is a natural. He took to this like a duck to water. He did the shuffle which isn't something they were even working on yet. Actually, one of his other students played that same thing for us the week prior and he has had 3 years of lessons. Josh is on lesson 5! I'll be looking for cymbals for him soon.

Last week was a pretty cold week for us, we had a snow storm. Even though the public schools remained open for the few days of the storm there was no busing on Valentines day, not that it stopped the kids from wanting to go to school. Any other day they would have been happy to stay home but they weren't going to miss their Valentine's day party. We didn't plan anything for Valentine's day, we normally don't anyway but with the weather like it was we weren't going anywhere. John bought me a Trinidad, not a whole box of them like I used to get (sucks to be diabetic) and a huge heart balloon (Rosie popped not half hour after I got it). I made a really nice steak dinner and we stayed in and cuddled on the sofa watching movies. The departed was a pretty good movie by the way ;).

I've been really happy about being able to communicate with my cousin in Iraq via email and he was able to call too a few weeks back. It's not the greatest connection for him, this I know because I get lots of failure notices and my emails returned more than half the time so I have to keep resending it until it makes it through. I'll not complain about it because he has been getting some to me with pictures. YAY!


Blogger moon said...

I am so glad u went to the doc again, and he is keeping an eye on u gf.
It's so cool that u can keep in touch with your cousin. My thoughts are with him to stay safe.
Keep in touch, miss u...hugs

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