Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gobble Gobble

John was discharged from the hospital yesterday. He came home and slept...and slept and is still sleeping so there really isn't any improvement from before he was admitted and now. They prescribed a thyroid medication, something for dizziness/nausea and an aspirin a day. Thank goodness it's a short week because I don't think he's able to go back to work right now. He's got a follow up appointment next tuesday, let's see if he feels better before then or it's back to the ER we go.

As for the accident, my cousin called me back and gave me the scoop now that they have all the details. First of all, it was a man, not a woman like I thought. But get this...someone hit the guy's car and he hit the guard rail and flipped over but he was wearing his seatbelt and made it out of the car fine. He called his brother who came to get him and the brother was then struck by a drunk driver who fled the scene. They did end up catching the guy who hit and killed the brother. So very sad.

Rosie is getting better but now Jonathan is sick. He stayed home from school today with a sore throat, a dry cough and a fever. He's probably well enough to go tomorrow though. My back is still hurting and I'm not feeling very good. I went to my doctor's appointment today and walked out of there with 7 referrals. The nurse who filled them out for me said that he'd never had to give anyone that many in one visit before. I am going to be busy with all those appointments the next few weeks. It's stuff I should have been keeping up with anyway but let it go for awhile. I see you waving that finger at me Monette :P.

For my friends who've called to check up on me and the family, thank you so much for caring and showing your concern. I love you guys.

I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving, sharing an awesome meal with family and being able to lay around and relax afterwards is the best. If I'm lucky I'll get lots of sleep this weekend *fingers crossed*. I hope everyone has a great holiday and an enjoyable extra long weekend.


Anonymous Gene said...

Like Frankie once said "RELAX". If anyone needs to follow this advice, it is you my dear. I would hate to see or hear anything detrimental happened to you. I dont think that I could bear it. I know you like to put on a big ta doo, but this weekend, make it simple and take care of yourself. We still have to find out how they aged the beef remember?

10:29 AM  

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