Saturday, June 19, 2004

Fun Family Day

Today we took the kids to the beach and we all enjoyed our time together. The kids were tossing rocks in the water and running in the sand. We got some great pics of them having fun. On the pier I dropped John's sunglasses in the water...He wasn't very happy about that but I did offer to jump in and get them, thank goodness he didn't say yeah ok ;).

I felt so peaceful walking with John enjoying our kids, I can't remember a nicer day together. After the beach they got to go to McDonald's...Jonathan and Rosie decided that the day wouldn't be complete until they got their neopet. On the drive home we saw a beautiful park and the kids still wanted to play. They had fun on the big pirate ship and the sand dozer. We teeter tottered with them and after pushing them high into the sky on the swings even mommy decided to swing some. Watching them smile and hearing them say it was a fun family day made me feel complete.

There are definitely gonna be more days like this now that it's warm.


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