Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I'm sure someone noticed I was gone ;). Last week was not so good for me. I wasn't sleeping but this time it was because of a monster migraine that just didn't want to go away. It lasted the entire week and actually made me really sick. To make matters worse my back hurt like hell, I almost overdosed on pain meds. I have a slipped disc which seems to act up when I'm swollen. I was PMS'ng big time which made me not a nice person to be around so you didn't miss much trust me.

The kids are in the full swing of school now, and really the only one being slightly difficult is Joshua (which is to be expected I suppose... he's a teenager afterall). Could be worse so I'll not complain. Mornings are going smoother than expected (I really shouldn't ginx that by saying it out loud).

I've been keeping myself busy with an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) called Project Gateway, which just began a few weeks ago. Check it out if you get the chance www.immersionunlimited.com. There are several new ARG's about to start soon. It's a fun way to keep your mind active and meet nice people. I really like it. Other than that nothing too exciting to report.


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