Saturday, September 11, 2004

One week down

The first week back to school for the kids went by with just a few hitches. I got a parking ticket the first day and they were late because they missed the school bus on the second day. Other then that I got the typical nightly whining about having to go to bed early and the not so wonderful stress of trying to wake them up in the morning.

I had forgotten how much I appreciated weekends until this week. LOL

We've started something different this school year, after dinner all the kids have to sit at the dining room table to do homework. Whether they have any or not they still have to sit there and do something. The little ones are not happy about that since they really don't get any real homework just yet. I'm sure that after a few more weeks they'll get used to homework time and learn to enjoy and appreciate it. The reason for the change? Jonathan needs continuity in order to function...he gets sidetracked very easily so a daily routine is necessary. This change is a bit difficult on me too because I'm so used to everyone going on after dinner doing their own thing including myself. It seems to be working well though. I'm also going to incorporate one library day a week into this new routine which will probably be wednesdays since the library is open late.


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Can i come and we can play naughty librarian?

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