Monday, November 29, 2004

It's all Rae's fault

So here I am...weeks later, yeah I know I've got some splainin' to do ;). Hm, where to begin? Well the past few weeks I haven't been feeling well physically, I actually made a doctor's appointment last week which as it turns out is scheduled for tomorrow. (A little too late but who knew?) I'll come back to the sick thing I promise.

Those that know me and/or Rae knew that she was coming to spend Thanksgiving holiday with us. The few days before she was due to arrive were very hectic all in themselves because of the parties at school and the fact it is Joshua's and Jonathan's and John's birthday all in the same week. I had dishes to cook and cakes to drop off and stores to go to and all on very little sleep that week. So wednesday morning arrives and we are off to pick Rae up from the airport. We get there, traffic wasn't too crazy and her flight arrived on time so I look for her, have her paged and boom there she is. She's exhausted and extremely hungry, we scoop Patrick up and head straight for home to make a huge breakfast. After we eat I run off to do all the wonderful mommy errands for the day while Rae takes a nap with Patrick.

The next day is Thanksgiving so I make the ham and the sweet potatoes and we go to mom's for dinner. It was a very nice/relaxing evening. The next day I take Rae to an occult shop she wanted to go to then we pick up Lisa and come back home for family night/the kids' birthday. We decide to take a lovely evening drive downtown to show Rae the big christmas tree and take her to check out the Chicago skyline at night from the planetarium. She got to see The Museum ;) as we drove past it. When we get home, because I'm on tons of medication, I feel ubber crappy and I sleep a whole bunch while poor Rae stays up til the wee hours of the morning online while I'm snoring in the background. Saturday comes and it's the ICP concert for her and John. I drop them off and come back home. As I walk up the stairs my stomach decides to explode and next thing you know I'm in the Emergency Room. Not to worry, my brother and his girlfriend take me so Rae and John actually get to enjoy the concert. They don't find out til afterwards where I'm at. Needless to say it was all fun in the ER as they cut me open, clean me out, pack me up and send me home. Sunday is John's birthday so we go out to dinner (Korean) and not much else since I'm still kinda feeling cruddy. Monday I'm off to the surgeon so he can unpack me and when we get back it's time for Rae to pack and relax just a bit before were off to the airport.

I feel so horrible that I was sick while my Rae was in town. Her next visit will be so much better because it will be summer and we'll have lots more time to do more fun things. Now I'm just sorta healing and finally feeling somewhat normal. Still sleeping alot but not in too much pain. So there you have it...anyone wanting gory details feel free to ask Rae.


Blogger Rae said...

oo oo oo she left out the part where....

when John and I got to the house after the concert we walked in and the kids started telling us about what happened at the same time that mama was telling us what happened...

Mama "I dunno what happened...she came in and was just covered in blood, and it smelled so bad"
Rosie "oh yeah it was nasty"
Mama "yeah it was bad"
Rosie "she was right there and it smelled"

so then when I walk into the diningroom to take my coat off...

Jonathan "Rae can you cook?"
Rae "huh?"
Rosie "do you know how to cook?"
Rae "uh..Yeah"
Jonathan "what can you cook?"
Rae ""
Rosie "with mommy'll need to cook"
Mama *laughing*
Rae "I'm not cooking anything tonight"

they just wanted to secure their next meal... LOL

3:40 AM  
Blogger moon said...

Anna I am glad u are on the mend, that must have been awefull. Better start taking better care of yourself gf..0x0x

1:10 PM  
Blogger Squirrels said...

So thankful you are ok now. Don't do that any more. I knew it had to be Raes fault! Thanks for at least taking her by the museum. :) But I think shes a pain, she probably wouldn't have went even if you would have said come on Rae lets go to the museum. LOL.
What in the heck caused that to happen? Tell the doctor we're gonna sue if anything else goes wrong. Get better. Make everyone wait on you!!! :)

3:56 PM  
Blogger Rae said...

Hey thats not fair I WANTED to go to the museum I just didn't wanna Anna to feel like shit and pass out or slip into a pain induced coma so :P There!!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Squirrels said...

Ok that might be, but you would have gotten lost in there and then we would never get you out. Thats a big dang place.
Do it next time then.... can't do everything the first time or then you have nothing to do the next time around. Right? :)

10:55 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Hope you feel better soon sweetie.


7:42 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I love my Ergo baby!!!!!

1:43 PM  

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