Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm gonna let it shine

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I know we all did, even though not everyone was doing the same thing. John, his mom and the kids spent the weekend in Wisconsin Dells while I stayed home and got to relax...the house was still full of people, my uncle and cousin are here from New Mexico and Niko (my friend's son has been here for over a week) but I managed to log in a good amount of online hours and have a lil fun most of the weekend ;).

Josh and Niko went swimming and had a great time playing xbox360 games on a projected screen (a King sized white bed sheet LOL). They had several neighborhood kids here playing and watching. We watched a few movies on that projected screen as well, 16 Blocks which wasn't awful but that guy's voice was so annoying it almost made me walk away a few times and about disturbing. What's truly fecked up is that it is based off true events.

There is a mosquito taunting me...he has been for a few hours now. He must DIE!


Blogger Shannon said...

I dunno about you but whenever a misquito is stalking me, all I can wonder is what is going through his head......"mmmm, a buffet!"

Yeah I'm with you, kill the feker!

Glad to hear that everyone had a good time.

Big hugs!

12:24 PM  

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