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I know I haven't posted in some time but I've actually had things to write about. I've got DSL back up but it's buggy. It's a long post so here goes...

The weekend before last we went to Galena Territory to see a piece of land John's mom owns. It is a beautiful place. We drove around and just took in all the fresh air, sat by a double waterfall and enjoyed the peacefullness. While we were there we rented a pantoon boat so we could fish in the marina and I was captain! (We won't mention how I almost hit a bunch of canoers *giggles*) We found a quiet cove and saw a herron. It took awhile getting started, John had to bait all the hooks because no one would touch the worms and we kept losing our bait. I was determined to catch a fish and I did...with a Barbie fishing pole! I lost my voice from all the screaming and jumping around I did as I reeled it in, the fact that no one else caught anything probably had something to do with that ;). I scared all the fish away and am sure that all the people on the lake that day must have thought I was retarded. I was giddy all day long because it was the first time I had ever been fishing too. John's mom cooked it and ate it, I should have probably had it stuffed and mounted.

We took the kids horse back riding and they loved it. There was a horse named Red that was so friendly, he had such a personality. Can you believe he flirted with me the whole time I was there. He kept putting his nose in my cleavage and nuzzling my face and neck. It was adorable. I even asked him if he was flirting with me and he stuck out his tongue. I swear that horse was a man reincarnated.

On the drive back home we stopped by my uncle's house because he was about an hour or so away from where we were. We don't get to visit very often because they are about two hours from where I live. My aunt made us dinner and I got to spend some quality time with my cousin who I hadn't seen in so long. He is on dialysis and doesn't go anywhere. We played pool while the kids did karaoke. It was a very nice evening, something we should definitely do more often.

The next morning we will call....

"The day Anna went Ghetto"

My mom and I went to the store and the parking lot was full so people were driving around sorta waiting for cars to pull out. I found a van leaving so I pulled over the the side to let it back up so I could take the spot. The driver in the car behind me wasn't happy that she had to wait and started cursing and screaming at me. I ignored her until finally she pulled around (yeah what a stupid bitch that she sat there and cursed instead of pulling around in the first place) and started yelling through the passenger side window where my mom was sitting. That pissed me off more than anything so as the van finally pulled out I floored it into the spot, got out and threw my keys down and ran over to her car before she was able to leave and started calling her out. I am not a confrontational person, and have never ever done this before in my life but NO ONE disrespects my mom. Well, the bf who was the passenger came out (a lil punk) we exchanged a few words ...they weren't very nice mind ya :p but she never came out. My voice was almost gone to begin with so this situation did not help but I'm thinking after what happened she'll think twice about cursing someone out like she did.

The rest of the week was incident free *snickers*

The Sunday before Memorial day we went to Bernard's house (Johns best friend) for a BBQ and we had a great time there. The food was awesome (you know a fat girl always mentions the food ;) ) Bernard's brother came that evening and I had never met him before but when he walked in I swear to you my eyes must have popped out of my head...sure I tried not to stare but I couldn't help it. I had never actually seen anyone who dressed like a pimp before. You know like right out of a movie with the glittery hat and long clothes. Later that evening while we were sitting at the table he sat down to eat and we got to talking and got to know him. He is a very cool person, just like his brother. Turns out he owns the biggest night club on the South Side (which explains the clothes) and invited us to a 4th of July BBQ get together.

Other than that not much else has been going on, I've been busy running around alot. The kids are patiently waiting for school to let out and have had fun with the end of the year stuff. Wednesday was Field Day, they go to the lake play games and have a picnic, the grass was still wet from it raining the night before but that didn't stop the kids. We were a bit bummed that we had to leave early because it looked like it was going to rain again. They have "Dia Del Nino" (Day of kids) on the 8th so that will make up for it. Rosie lost her first tooth and Josh did the "Bike The Drive" with his dad, I think he rode 30 miles. We had a very nice birthday dinner for my dad and bought him a new bike that he was very happy with.

I'm so excited about my trip to Montreal, I can't wait to get there and spend some time with my friends. It's the first time I'll be traveling alone. I haven't packed yet but I will probably do that an hour before I go to the airport :p.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the nice weather.


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Anonymous John said...

*grumbles* Beginner's luck! :P

If you wanna see Anna go ghetto, just be within a block radius of the house when John pisses her off. lol

I can't believe you're going to Montreal without me! Give Monette a big baby huey hug for me and Chris a big wet kiss from me. :P At least it's only 5 days and not 3 months. If it were 3 months, you'd come back to a pretty skinny family. :D

Have fun and enjoy yourself, Anna. And don't think of staying in Canada longer than 5, your kids, and your two mutts will hunt you down.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Rae said...

and my big wet kiss?!

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