Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pancakes Please!

My friend Mike came into town last week from Texas. It wasn't really a social visit, a good friend of his got shot and had to have surgery while another friend's father passed away so he was flying in for the funeral and such. He was able to spend a few extra days though to visit with the rest of us so I invited him over for dinner on Sunday night.

A day earlier I asked him what he wanted me to make him and he said "I feel like a convict on death row trying to decide my last meal!" He really loves my cooking, so much so that he'll call me and have me walk him through a recipe step by step. So he says "too bad it won't be breakfast or I'd ask for pancakes". He absolutely loves my pancakes...actually alot of people do. ( I think it's because they're always fluffy and buttery and have crispy edges :P ) Anyway, he decided on a Puerto Rican dish...Bistec en salsa (con cebellos y pimientas) y Arroz con gandules, so that's what I made.

I was going to make him pancakes for dessert just to surprise him but he ate so much at dinner he said he didn't want dessert (not knowing what it was of course.) Everyone else was getting strawberry shortcake biscuits filled with whipped cream and lots of fresh strawberries or choclate cake, whichever they chose.

The next few days he spent at the hospital with his friend but he calls me up on wednesday night and says "I can come over in the morning for breakfast before I have to go to the airport ." That's just so cute...

He got his Urs needs to come get hers!!!


Blogger moon said...

OMG! THAT just looks decedent!...(walks off mumbling something about maple syrup and whipped cream smeared on.........hehe)

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Gene said...

That really does look so delicious. I am drooling as I type this. that's how good that looks. Perhaps, you can make some pancakes for me sometime. (smiles) I could learn to enjoy them again.

8:45 AM  
Blogger myssfitz said...

LOL, I remembered my password. :-P

So that's what your famous pancakes look like? They look soooo good. One of these days, I will taste them. And yes, I'm walking off thinking about some whipped cream too... Time to pick up where I left off Saturday (hehe :-P) Sorry, wrong place to put that. Thanks for the pic. :-)

4:57 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...




2:03 PM  
Blogger Rae said...

Anna's Pancakes are TO DIE FOR!!! ;)

3:57 AM  

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