Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm Forever Yours....

I'm not good at all when it comes to flying, I broke out in hives on the drive to the airport (Monette knows how much I love her now :p ) but once I got on the plane I was ok....until it had to return to the gate for repairs. Did I panic you ask, it scared the living CHIT outta me. I called John and asked him to make sure my life insurance was paid up. I arrived late but very grateful to be in one piece.

The wedding was beautiful, everything was perfect. Monette looked amazing and Chris was all smiles and full of energy all night. Chris' parents were adorable, I fell in love with them and wanted to bring them home with me.

I didn't get to bring them but I did get to bring home one of the pretty centerpieces. Monette's sister won the one from our table and was so sweet she gave it me, she made my night. I danced the whole night away...after my lil incident in the washroom. For those interested in that whole story just ask. It really is worth hearing about ;).

The next day we had an awesome brunch at the hotel with the bride and groom and their immediate family. I felt so blessed being at the wedding but even more special for being a part of such an intimate moment in their lives. We spent all day Sunday in Niagra Falls and then had a picnic in the park. It turned out to be a very nice day. Everyone was able to relax and just enjoy the purdyness. The next morning Ry made me a wonderful breakfast and I got ready for my return trip home. This time without any trouble, beside a short delay which wasn't a big deal. I got to sit in first class and had a neighbor who was great company the whole flight.



Blogger moon said...

AWE, We lubs you too Anna....0x0x

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Gene said...

I am glad you had such a great time. You deserved to have some time to yourself. I am sure that the place is almost more beautiful in person as it is in those pictures.

9:16 AM  

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