Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's a Bug's Life

Me: bug dropped right on my keyborad
Me: I thjink it's dead
BabyHuey: haha
Me: com,e up hre
Me: yeah its dead
Me: it's not moving
Me: come get it
Me: its on the F1 button
Me: why did it die and just fall
Me: no it's moving
Me: omg
Me: trying to move
Me: help me
BabyHuey: lol
Me: it's dyinmg
Me: on my keyboard
BabyHuey: awwww
Me: please
Me: help me
Me: pleease
Me: it fell off the f1
Me: come get it
Me: please

Visualize this people, me typing using a purple gel pen so I didn't accidentally touch the bug, my chair moved far enough away from my desk where I had to stretch my arm out to tap the keys. The bug wasn't moving at first, so I thought he was dead but when he finally started to crawl off the keyboard I freaked.

My hero took his time coming up to rescue me so I had to take drastic measures, I tried getting the bug into an empty Oreo icecream carton but it ended up falling on the floor. We never found him, I'll be traumatized all night. Rae got a good laugh though...

Rae: John didn't come up and get it?
Me: he came up but he took too long and the fucker started to try to get away
Me: I think he was disorientated at first cause he dropped
Me: how the heck did it just drop from the ceiling like that
Me: with a plop
Me: he hit the keyboard hard
Me: I've never seen a bug fall like that
Rae: <-- dying *fall down laughing smiley*
Me: imagine if he had fallen on my head
Me: you would have laughed your ass off if you had seen me with that damn oreo icecram carton and trying to get the fucker
Me: I was scared shit
Me: now I'm looking on my clothes and chair and my feet tickle
Me: fucking ugly ass bug too
Me: have you ever seen a crawling bug just fall from the ceiling?
Me: wtf is that about...was he smoking something?
Me: a stoned bug
Rae: a stoned bug *fall down laughing smiley*
Me: no, seriously...why would it fall like that?
Rae: I don't know
Rae: *fall down laughing smiley*
Me: lol, I'm laughing cause you're laughing at me
Rae: oh you have no idea...
Rae: I'm crying from laughing so much *laughing smiley*
Me: hehehe
Me: I still feel lil antennae on my body
Me: I need to find that fucker

....and sure as shit after publishing this post the lil bugfucker fell on my head. Plop! I flicked him onto the desk and finally got his ass into that damn icecream carton and flushed him down the toilet as my hero slept not ten feet from my desk where I was screaming.

I can now finally sleep in peace.


Blogger Rae said...

and anyone who has spent anytime with you Anna will also be laughing their asses off as well... especially when I could imagine your mannerisms, the tone of your voice... the bit... thats what had me laughing my ass off the most :))

I love you hun >:D<

8:50 AM  
Blogger moon said... the other bugs sitting around the upside down poker table hanging on the very corner of the ceiling...comiserate on the fate of their dear friend who had ultimately WON the bet in stating ...I BET I CAN MAKE THAT HUMAN TOTALLY FREAK OUT BY JUST LANDING INFRONT OF HER AND PLAY way said the guys..humans are so much bigger then us, they can squash us for no apparent reason...I BET U ALL THE CRUMBS ON THE TABLE SHE WILL GO PSYCHO AND EVEN CALL REINFORSEMENTS.....
You're ON...U WON'T WIN....


11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I was cracking up... you screaming for help.. .. while the bug laid there on the F1 (help) key.

I probably would have pissed myself if I'd seen OR heard it.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

HEHEHE, I didn't even notice is indeed the HELP key.

Too feckin hilarious.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Baby Huey said...

Well, seeing as how you have the gift for gab....I figured I'd let you lul it into a bug trance with that almost rhythmic chant you have. Soothe the bug, make him feel at ease, like he's about to partake of a feast of the most collosal of proportions. I figured that by the time I come up, he'd be delusional and less prone to scurry around and easier to catch. Unfortunately you did the opposite and scared the poor thing half to said he was on the F1 key laying on his back, feet flailing wildly in the air. Poor lil bugger...his last few moments of life, hearing the ranting and screams of a woman frightened by the sight of his lil thorax. There is a bright side of least you put him out to pasture with a taste of Cookies n Cream flavored ice cream. That's the way to go eh? :-P

5:12 AM  

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