Monday, August 07, 2006

Here's the short version

I went to the eye doctor on thursday, was there two and a half hours but the doc did a very thorough examination because I've been having some issues with my eyes lately. She dilated my eyes too so they were very sensitive to the sun the whole afternoon and I had a slight headache in the evening. Everything seems pretty healthy but she wants me to go see a specialist to be on the safe side. I had been putting it off for some time but Monette made sure I called and made the appointment ;). I'm so lucky to have friends who love me enough to get on my case ;) about those kind of things.

Friday we watched Clerks 2 and got some really good peeksa. I don't think anyone should waste their money on that movie. Even Josh thought it wasn't very good so just in case you were thinking it, it's not because I'm old!

I made Kimchi and it actually turned out really good for it being my first time. I found a few recipes online and took a lil bit from each one to make it.

Saturday we went out to lunch in China town, John's mom, my mom the kids and I. While we were in the restaurant Lola (John's mom) reminded us that it was Lolo's birthday (John's dad who passed away last year) so we started to talk about him and remember the nice things we did when he was alive. The kids were expressing how much they missed him when I noticed Rosie's face, she became really sad as she said again "I miss Lolo". God, how that broke my heart. I asked the kids if they wanted to bake a cake for him when we got home and sing happy birthday and with that my princess smiled.

When we got home and put everything away we started on Lolo's cake. Rosie was so excited because I let her do everything, all I did was measure all the ingredients and she put them together and even mixed it up. She was so proud of herself. She was even more excited because we were using the smartware baking pan Lola just got us that came in the mail the day before. Rosie had seen the commercial awhile back and thought it was cool (yay, my lil girl is gonna be a cook like her mommy!) and it actually works really well. After dinner we brought out the cake, said a prayer and sang happy birthday and Rosie ran to Lola's bedroom and brought out the picture of Lolo so he could see us. She left a piece of cake out for him too.

Today, we went to the airport to pick up Baby Huey. He just got back from QuakeCon and although he didn't win (but he didn't lose to a girl! like one of his friends did) he had a blast hanging out with his friends. I was glad to get him home as were the kids. He brought them lots of cool lil marketing things *shwag* they were giving out there. I think they enjoyed the blow up bat like things most, whacking eachother on the head with them. Josh got an official 2006 QuakeCon t-shirt. Rosie made sure daddy got to taste the wonderful cake she made for Lolo.


Anonymous Gene said...

That was very thoughtful of you to do that to honor Lolo. I am sure that Rosie was extremely happy cooking in that kitchen.

5:29 PM  
Blogger moon said...

I bet it also did Lola good to think of her Lolo talking about the good memories with u and the kids without it being too sad ...makes it just a bit easier as time passes. She must have been touched that u suggested that to much for Rosie as for the memory of Lolo....You're a good mom.

1:21 PM  

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