Sunday, June 20, 2004

Pleased again

I woke up early and got the kids up to help me make father's day breakfast for John. They were so excited to help cook. Rosie got to make toast with jam and chocolate milk while Jonathan got to crack the eggs into the frying pan and defrost the hashbrowns (he loves to press the buttons on the microwave). They were anxious to get upstairs and surprise daddy before he could get up....and they did. They told him how they cooked him all the good food and mommy helped ;). After breakfast and lots of hugs and kisses later the kids got ready to go to a birthday party with Lola (grandma) and Lolo (grandpa). While they were gone I had a chance to do some laundry and not bother John while he enjoyed his afternoon Quaking.

After a nap we got ready to go shopping, we take full advantage of this with no kids around. Those with children know what I mean, take a kid to a store and you end up buying everything except what you went in for. After that we went out for a nice dinner (mmm, Korean food). Have I toldja that I think I was Asian in a past life?

Hope everyone else had a good weekend >:D<


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