Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring cleaning and projects

It's been a noisy week, we're getting a new roof put on our house. Considering our brick bungalow is at least 80 years old and it's had 3 layers, from the looks of the different colored shingles they tore off, it was definitely time for a fresh new roof. So far it looks great, I really like the color we chose for the shingles (a light earthy tone) it really compliments the dark brick, it should be all done by tomorrow .

Next project, my deck...finally! My uncle came over a few weekends back with his boys, along with their help, the entire yard was cleaned out, bushes and garden removed and the dirt tilled and it's all ready to go. We've already taken the measurements and will be going to Menard's this weekend to use their deck program to virtually plan it. I can't wait to put up the gazebo and have some people over for some yummy grilled food. I swear I'll be back there every night until it snows!

More importantly.....I got a 10pc Commercial Calaphalon cookware set *jumps up and down* compliments of John's mom :). I sat at the table for at least 10 minutes just staring at the box with the hugest smile. Once I opened the box (at John's insistence, I could have stared at it a little while longer) pulled out the pots one at a time carefully handling them with complete adornment in my eyes, John couldn't help but laugh at me. I LOVE them!

I also bought a cheese making kit and I will be attempting to make homemade mozzarella and ricotta for my next lasagna. I will also be making my own noodles and using the basil from my herb garden...this should be the best lasagna ever. *crosses fingers*

Only 6 more weeks until our vacation!


Anonymous Swift said...

Congratulations on the new cookware - I know you've been wanting some for a while. And Where in the world did you find a cheesemaking kit? I never would've even thought to have looked for something like that. Sounds really neat.


6:26 AM  
Blogger Ustice said...

Congrats on the home repairs! Just remember to take the time to have some fun, even though you are having to shell out a lot for the things that you need. Family outing aren't that much.

By the way, I am very jealous of that lasagna. That sounds like it should be wonderful!

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Gene said...

Wow. Some new cookware and much needed repairs on the crib. Well, I hope it's all going well for you. I know how excited you are for that vacation, which is apparently a much needed thing for you. Take care.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous John said...

ok, you have new cookware... so when are we gonna...

1) Have some home-made spaghetti made in your pasta machine you got a few weeks ago.

2) Have some cheese with the spaghetti (ok ok ok I'll give u a break, u just got the cheese making kit)

and 3) Have some desert shaped like a boat using that melon baller kit.

ok ok ok it sounds like I'm complaining... it's not, I'm just anxious. *grin*

Good thing you can cook better than most restaurants... it'll be a while before we can go out after all these "projects". lol

12:23 PM  
Blogger moon said...

Wow, u lucky girl...I am so excited for you for all of the above...but mostly your new deck..I know u have wanted one for yrs...
My next progect is for u to come down with your uncle to build me a new deck after he is done with yours lol!!

1:32 AM  

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